Agro fuel

Fuel in bulk for farmers

SIA “Straujupīte” offers producers of agricultural products to buy diesel (agro fuel) with the reduced tax. Agricultural producers can purchase diesel on wholesale when ordering specified quantity of fuel. We deliver diesel to the specified customer’s address for orders from 2 tonnes.

To receive the diesel intended for the producers of agricultural products according to the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 444 stipulated in the policy, you should contact the RSS (Rural Support Service) with the submission. Exemption from excise duty will receive producers of agricultural products, which carry out economic activities and are registered in the State Revenue Service as a taxpayer. As well as receiving the single area payment for the processing of agricultural land .

Exemption from excise duty will also receive for a forest or swamp land processing where the cranberries or blueberries are cultivated. More information on exemptions from excise duty, see on the RSS website.

Fuel for farmers

Also possible to order by phone 28658888 or by sending an e-mail

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