Diesel wholesale

SIA “Straujupīte” offers legal entities to purchase diesel on the wholesale at favorable prices. SIA “Straujupīte” traded fuel meets the EU quality requirements, as evidenced by the received LR quality certificate of conformity. According to LR normative acts, fuel wholesale transactions can occur only between the legal persons WHO ARE LIABLE TO VAT.

SIA “Straujupīte” offers the highest class summer (B5), transitional (F), nults (A0), the first (A1), the second (A2) arctic class winter diesel with a maximum freezing temperature up to -32 degrees.

Diesel delivery we provide with our special transport to the customer’s indicated address. Diesel delivery costs are included in the order price.

Diesel wholesale
 A0  A1  A2
Cold filter plugging point (CFPP) or freezing 0t -200C -260C -320C
Turbidity point 0t -100C -160C -220C

Also possible to order by phone 28658888 or by sending an e-mail oskars@straujupite.lv

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