Marked fuel

Marked fuel

Straujupīte offers the following kinds of marked fuel:

Marked fuel

To purchase the marked diesel, the customer must present a submission “The right to purchase marked oil products” to the State Revenue Service (SRS). To obtain the certificate client should contact the SRS with the submission. Submission must contain the information required under the Cabinet of Ministers provisions Nr.525 of 31 July 2007. Additional information can be found on the website

Diesel is labeled  by adding one of the coloring matters to 1000 liters of oil products::

  • (N-ethyl-1- (4-fenilazofenilazo) naphthyl-2-amine – at least 5.0 grams;
  • N-ethylhexyl-1- (tolilazotolilazo) naphthyl-2-amine – at least 6.5 grams;
  • N-tridecil-1- (tolilazotolilazo) naphthyl-2-amine) – at least 7.4 grams.

The used chemical substance is N-ethyl-N- [2- (1-iso butoxyethoxy) ethyl] azobenzene-4-amine (Solvent Yellow 124). SIA “Straujupīte” for diesel labeling is using no more than 0.2% of sulfur content.

Labeled (marked) oil products are stored in specially provided separate container. Diesel delivery we provide with our special transport to the customer’s indicated address.

SIA “Straujupīte” offers the highest class summer (B5), and nults (A0), transitional (F), the first (A1), the second (A2) arctic class winter diesel with a maximum freezing temperature up to -32 degrees.

 A0  A1  A2
Cold filter plugging point (CFPP) or freezing 0t -200C -260C -320C
Turbidity point 0t -100C -160C -220C

Also possible to order by phone 28658888 or by sending an e-mail

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